Truly this is something that I just felt like I had to do...

I could spend all day on back story...

But that's no fun. Instead a brief sypnopsis.

Written word has always served me much better than spoken.

My senior year in highschool I graduated from a Modeling and Theatrical Academy.

Then, some time in December of 2012, I turned my webcam on for a live audience. Ever since, I've been mad about the feeling.

I have always been immensely passionate about modeling, photography, journalism and expression through the arts.

I'm taking these passions to a platform where I can share freely

Up til now, I've exclusively used third party platforms to express my craft.

This website is the begining of a new journey.

One, I hope, will bring together the like-minded lovers of self-expression, in whatever form it may come.

I've had a wide variety of experiences across a wide variety of industries

Still, this feels more me than anything else. So. This is where it all goes.

I may not be on cam for the forseeable future, but I surely have no less to say...or show ;)

Come with me on the journey of self exploration~

I will create, write, research, and share my passion(s).

This is my promise to you.

~ Cypress "CyRoue" Rouge
(formerly known as Paitho)